Inside the Freemasons – Sky1 Documentary

UGLE is celebrating its tercentenary in 2017 and was keen to dispel many of the common myths about Freemasonry. To celebrate this landmark UGLE has opened it’s doors to Sky TV productions for this insightful documentary series, just aired this evening.

The series is an insight into men’s lives in the 21st century as the series reveals why men want to join Freemasonry and how it is relevant to its members today. Freemasonry is open to any man over the age of 21 (18 for universities Lodges) regardless of race, colour, religion, political views, or social economic standing, however all potential members are expected to believe in the existence of a supreme being. In Freemasonry, all men are considered equal. Everyone must go through the same three degrees before they can rise through the ranks, anyone who has gone through the three degrees has the possibility to progress through to the highest office in Freemasonry.

John Hamil, Director, Special Projects at the United Grand Lodge of England “In our Tercentenary year it is fitting that we mark this favourable occasion by very openly sharing a look at who we are, what we do and what we stand for. We hope the programme will help inform, educate and even surprise, providing insight and understanding into Freemasonry and Freemasons today”

It was Sky TV and the production company’s idea to make the series. UGLE saw it as an opportunity for people to get to know what English Freemasonry is all about in the 21st Century. The freemasons had no editorial control over the programmes or their content, we would not have hesitated to highlight any illegal or untoward activities. UGLE allowed film crews wide-ran gang and unpresented access both inside and outside Lodges, much of which has never been witnessed by non-masons before, let alone filmed.

Very little was off limits. The degree ceremonies were not filmed as it was deemed that to film these would ruin the once only special experience for any future Mason. The programme does cover the preparations, rehearsals and follow up and discusses the content. The clear majority of Freemasons we met were very excited to be part of this programme and to have the chance to explain Freemasonry. The series specifically about UGLE which is celebrating its 300th year. There are different orders both co and meal Masons. But this documentary series was focused on UGLE, in many ways, this series sheds light on the role of men in the 21st Century and insight into why men are attracted to Freemasonry – the camaraderie, the ritual and the sense of belonging.

This is an observational documentary series which seeks to reveal what Freemasonry is all about, what its relevance is in the 21st Centenary and what modern man gets out of it, we wanted to go behind the close doors of Lodges to see what the facts were behind the common perceptions of this organisation and examine its role in society. This is not an historical documentary or one that seeks to spell out the process of Freemasonry. Inside the Freemasons was never framed as an investigation into the role of individual Masons in the organ aerations

Neither the production company or the crew had a direct link to UGLE. Some relatives of some of the crew were previously Freemasons but that is purely coincidental.

If you wish to apply for more information and how to join, found a link to some useful links and contacts here.

Be sure to catch-up on the first episode which aired Monday 17th April at 8pm, before the next four parts and next week’s episode which comes onto your screens next Monday (24th).